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FW:3 He’s Baaaaack

Another fabulous golf season has arrived and there probably is no golfer more excited than I am. Not to actually start playing (the frustrating and amazing sport, hobby, leisure whatever the hell you want to call it), but to just get into the swing of things again. And to do this, I choose to watch the Farmer’s Insurance Open in sunny Southern California, where not only the golf season is in the early stages of the 2011 season, but where the (infamous or famous) Tiger Woods, returns to the game after a long off-season. This is actually the 4th tournament of the season, but honestly who knew that? By the way the media portrays the sport, entirely encircled around Woods, many people believe that 2011 season kicked off this week, false. Let me just say that I don’t like the guy. Not because of his unfaithful and scum-bag actions, but to what he brings to the game. The man is a superstar, but why does he act like an infant? One bad swing or a bad kick, Woods is seen cussing, throwing clubs, breaking clubs, not being the role model that he is suppose to be. He is the face of golf,(even though he is the number 3, yes i said number 3 player in the world) why can’t he just keep his composure for once?


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FW:2 Corn Dog Movie

It seems that everytime i turn on the TV, Billy Madison is the movie that fills my television set. I don’t know why this is or don’t know why i even like the movie, but I would never think about changing the channel when Billy Madison is on. I think old Adam Sandler movies are the funniest, stupidest movies ever made and Billy Madison may be the most moronic hilarious film of them all. I have always been drawn towards stupid humor, whether its corny ass jokes or someone getting hit in the balls, I’d have to say that Billy Madison carries both of these fantastic qualities. Even though i know basically every line of the movie, I sill seem to laugh uncontrollably at every single funny scene in the movie.


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FW1: Comfort Food

After coming inside from a bone-chilling, disgustingly freezing New Hampshire winter day, nothing makes me feel warmer, happier and more disgusting than Chicken Pot Pie. Pot Pie nights are usually after a long of shoveling after an infamous Nor’Easter. I honestly think there is nothing better than Pot Pie that comes right out of the oven.

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Hello world!

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