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FW:5 Dinner Party

If i were going to have a dinner party, my guests would be people that I would only want to see one time. I would like to know and understand enough of that person in that time and then never see them again. It’s not because I don’t like the person, it’s just because I only need to talk to these people for a little bit to understand them. My first person would probably be LeBron James. After he choose on the Miami Heat in his disgraceful press conference to make his decision, my respect for LeBron James dropped off the charts. However, LeBron is very well spoken so I would like to ask him about his decision. I’m not a big fan of the guy but would like to talk to him. The second person would be Eminem. Em has been one of my favorite rappers forever and in his release of his album, Recovery, he makes a comeback from his drug use and is better than ever. He’s kind of an intense dude though so i think i would only talk with him once. Finally the other person would be Adam Sandler. This guy is one of my favorite actors in his early days, but his new movies have been pretty bad and dont really want to talk to him about his shitty movies. So one meeting should be pretty good.


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One of my favorite shows on TV has always been the office. From the days of Jan to Jim and Pam, the office has always been a ritual for me every thursday night at 9. However, the man who makes the show, Steve Carrell is leaving in a couple episodes for good and i don not know how the office will be afterwards, will it be funny or who will take steve’s or “Michael’s” spot. Very interesting though, i hope Ricky Gervais doesn’t but i have a feeling he will. A couple episodes ago he randomly appeared out of the blue in the very beginning. Right when i saw him i though oh hell no not this guy i cant stand him. I don;t know why i severely dislike this guy, it may be because he and his show,(the original office which started in the U.K.) is not even close to as funny as the American office. I have no idea what is going to happen after Michael Scott, but he will be missed and im sure that the show will never be the same without him.

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FW:4 Elevator

I would like to be stuck in an elevator with Paul Rudd. First of all, if i was ever stuck in an elevator, which i hope that i am not, i would want to be there with someone funny. There’s no way i would want to be there with someone boring and dull like Ben Stein or something. Second of all, someone that is famous, well known and has made a career for themselves. Paul Rudd has been in so many hilarious movies that i love so i know he wont be boring me at all. And finally, i wouldnt want to be shitting my pants so i think that paul rudd’s humor would help that, (even though he may be the one shitting his pants).

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