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I used to be very hot-headed back in High School, but I’ve learned that it’s not really that big of a deal to get mad. Everything used to set me off, the way someone said something, facial expressions, almost everything. I’ve calmed down alot since my Sophmore and Junior years but there are stil those things that tweak me and ill flip, real quick. Probably the thing that gets me the most mad is when someone touches my shit when not asked. It’s a pretty normal thing that i know some people would get mad about but i know there are those out there who share everything with everybody, im not one of those people. No matter where, in my car, in my room if someone touches my stuff and they were not given the OK, i am not a happy camper. For example, sometimes ill come back to my dorm or even at my house and my computer will either be open or missing. That is my computer, please dont mess with it. Also sometimes when im on the golf course, there will be people who will touch my clubs, from experience ive had my clubs broken like that. It just gets me really heated, i know its a real simple thing but please dont my shit when not asked.


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