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Going through the college decision process, I weighed out the pros and cons of each school. Looking back on the stressful and time-consuming process, I wish there were things that I had paid more attention too. Although I am very pleased with my decision at Hobart, there are always things that could be changed or upgraded. As a college freshman I completely understand that college students blow through their money at a ridiculous pace, so saving any sort of money is a must. With this in mind, dishing out money on the simplest things like laundry does not seem entirely smart. This is why I think that the Colleges should utilize the multi function capability of our ID cards.

Converting our one dimensional, boring ID cards into a multi-use key card would not only simplify tasks such as laundry and entering dorms, it would save an obscene amount of time it wouldn’t be funny. Think about it, how many times do you walk up to your building in despair knowing you don’t have your keys because you left them somewhere? Or how many times you have your laundry in hand at the machines but have no quarters to dish into the machine? With having a multi-functional key card students will be able to use their ID to swipe into Saga, use their dining money for the Pub and Café, swipe into their own dorm and swipe to use the laundry machines. Here is a picture of a student using their keycard to get into their building: 

Have doubts? College campuses all over the nation are making the switch from easy to lose keys and loose change to a simple an easy multi-purpose card. According to the Harvard University Newspaper,The Harvard Crimson, they made the switch over 10 years ago and have been exceptionally pleased with the results. Another example of colleges making the switch is at Syracuse University. According to the SU Newspaper,The Daily Orange,the University is allowing students to use their ID cards at off campus restaurants, a more radical use of the key card. Although the Colleges don’t have the same type of atmosphere that surrounds SU, making it difficult to use HWS cards in that same manner, expanding the use of the HWS ID cards seems to be more than necessary.

The following video is from the University of Indiana, explaining how their “U Card” is their all access tool for any student on their campus. Although Indiana is a much larger school than HWS, the basic things are all the same, laundry, food and dorms. This could be HWS!


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