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As the first couple weeks of the semester continue to fly by, you might have already found your niche in your respected placement. However, as we all have discovered, contributing in the classroom may not be the easiest task, especially if you’re not familiar with the professor or subject. Establishing yourself in your placement is key in order to connect with the first-years and seminar professor.

            Before the semester began I was pretty nervous about my role as a writing colleague. Being placed in a different first-year seminar than the one I took as a first-year, along with fact that this would be my first placement left me feeling uneasy. I wanted to get off on the right foot though and since I already knew the professor of my placement, I contacted him to discuss my role as a Writing Colleague in his class.

             From his description of the course, I got the notion his seminar would incorporate much more than the subject he teaches, using the seminar as a preparation class for all college courses. He also encouraged me to be active with the first-years outside of class, in order to make them as comfortable as possible.

            Starting from day one I have tried my best to utilize myself as more than just a Writing Colleague to the first-years. I have office hours twice a week and have had some of the first-years stop by just to talk about college in general. I think making yourself a resource for your first-years outside of the classroom promotes interest and comfort in the class.

            Along with making relationships with your first-years to enhance your experience as a writing colleague, I have learned being active in the classroom establishes your persona as a person with some authority. If I have something of importance to add on to whatever Professor Laird said, I wont hesitate in throwing my two cents in. Also, I have met with my seminar professor weekly or so outside of class, just to let him know how the first-years are responding to the assignments and what we can do to better the class.

            I am interested to hear how other people participate in and even outside the classroom with their first-years and seminar professor. 


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